Liceo C. Cavalleri – Italy

Liceo Cavalleri is located in Parabiago, a little city which is 18 kilometres from Milan.

Our school offers three addresses: scientific, linguistic and pedagogic school; it is structured in three floors with four gyms in the park. we are more or less a thousand students and a hundred teachers. The school day starts at 8:10 a.m. and finish at 2 or 1 p.m., it depends on the grade. During the day we have 2 breaks, one at 10 a.m, and the other at midday. Labs are one of the fundamental part of our daily school time, in fact we have physics, linguistic, chem, biology and computer labs. Our school has taken part in lots of erasmus projects like Europeans ABC, Rescue and Able & Disable. The school day starts at 8:10 a.m. and finishes at 2 or 1 p.m., it depends on the grade. 

Escola Secundária de Moura – Portugal

  Escola Secundária de Moura situated  200km southeast of Lisbon. Ourschool is situated in an small urban area in Alentejo near the spanish boarder and we have a new school with modern facilities.

It is a public secondary school with students from 12 to eighteen years old but mostly secondary studies, (regular education – scientific and humanistic courses and also vocational training, currently in computers and food control). We have more than 500 students and 60 teachers. Our students come from Moura and some villages located within a radius of up to 60 km away. Our staff is stable and mature, mostly with more than 30 years of  teaching service and with vast experience in various types of projects and actions. 

Due to the fact that we are situated in a rural area that offers short opportunities to our students, it is for them absolutely important to have contact to other realities and therefore  the mobilities are extremely essencial to broaden  their horizons and get to know other cultures and share experiences.

IES Politècnic – Spain

IES Politècnic is a highschool in Palma where Secondary School, “Bachillerato” (A-levels) and Vocational Training can be studied.

We offer VET Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 in Carpentry, Maintenance, Buildings and Civil Works and Electricity and Electronics. We have 900 students and 105 teachers being a school characterized by its multiculturality and ethnic and linguistic diversity. The vast majority of our students come from a low socioeconomic background, a fact that makes us work hard in the process of integrating them both in our school and in our society. Therefore, mobility programs are key in the opening up of their chances, not only at the academic level but also and more importantly at the European dimension. As for our path in European projects, we have previous experience from 2001 with DaVincimobilities. We have strong relationships with schools and companies from Finland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, United Kingdom and Hungary.