Liceo C. Cavalleri

Numbers of participants an period


8 students and 4 teacher Portuguese

and Spanish

5 students  and 2 teachers


7/11 of May 2022

First Day – 6th May

Painting shoes, workshop to prepare the artistic installation

start of activities and prepare of students groups

Decorations of red/violet  wooden lasts

Students will be divided in groups, they will be  given some red and purple lasts and they will have to plan the design

Students will have to prepare slogans to decorate the wooden shoes lasts

Second Day – 8th May

sport activities and

Rehearsal at the public library

Presentation of each school products

lunch with partners and information sharing

Presentation Final vídeo about online events

Liceo C. Cavalleri – Parabiago

Agrupamento de Escolas de Moura

IES Politècnic Palma Mallorca

Presentation of the work on the differences between northern and southern countries

Group 1 – Sweden

Group 2 – Finland

Group 3 – Baltic

Group 4 – Poland

Group 5 Nederland

 Third Day – 9th May

All day excursion Lake Maggiore 

 Fourth Day – 10th May

Day in Milano


Presentation of European citizenship at Europe Direct

Activity on European citizenship at Europe Direct

Visit to Milano

Fifth Day – 11th May

Day in Scholl Parabiago

Self defense class for teenagers at San Lorenzo Sport Centre

Activities self defense class 

Farewells to students and teachers